Introducing our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan, endorsed by Reconciliation Australia, symbolises our commitment to reconciliation with Australia’s First Peoples.


As a business that employs people from diverse backgrounds, varying ethnicities, gender identities and age groups it is important that we represent our collective values through promoting and encouraging reconciliation, equality and equity in the communities in which we live and work.

Our RAP serves as a guiding framework, shaping our approach to listening, learning, and collaborating with First Nations Peoples. These interactions and insights will not only enrich the experiences of our employees, clients, and community but also lead to tangible positive impacts.

We believe in an organisation-wide commitment to our CPM RAP. By formalising and unifying our efforts, we embed reconciliation within our corporate culture. Together, we approach reconciliation as a collective, driving meaningful change as a cohesive unit. This collaborative approach ensures broader learning and implementation, fostering continuous improvement across all aspects of our operations.

As we embark on this journey, we reaffirm our pledge to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, along with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Our goal is to cultivate an inclusive and safe workplace for everyone, underpinned by our shared commitment to progress and unity. Together, as an organisation, we strive to create a better future for all.

Artist collaboration

The aerial landscape photography used throughout the RAP document and this page have been taken by the talented First Nations artist, James Henry.

James has been shooting landscapes, portraits and events since 2010. CPM Australia is proud to support his art by licensing its use in our RAP documents.

Download our Reconciliation Action Plan