As a data-driven company, we understand the value of transforming data into actionable insights. Our reporting and analytical tools are in place to optimise our daily operational delivery and give our clients the competitive edge they didn’t have before.

To ensure we are in the right stores to maximise the greatest selling opportunity for our clients, we rely on a combination of data-driven analytics and digital resources to augment our clients’ speed and accuracy in decision making.

Through data driven decision making, CPM can help brands drive sales results and efficiencies. By leveraging data-based tools and resources, we are able to reveal useful information about the retail environment as well as how customers shop and make their purchasing decisions.

In addition to using data to enhance our daily operational delivery, our insights & analytics team also has the expertise to provide custom development services. By combining industry leading business intelligence software with specialised custom development, we can tailor data capture and visualisation solutions to help drive business value out of data.

CPM Insights & Analytics services include:

  • Resource optimisation & process automation
  • Data driven performance management & territory planning
  • Forecasting & predictive analysis
  • Customer & market profiling
  • Tailor leading analytics tools